Gary Fong Amber Dome

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AmberDome за Lightsphere Universal, Lightsphere Collapsible и Lightsphere II Cloud


What is so neat about the ability to "swap tops" is it is so fast to switch. Rather than switching the whole Lightsphere, or having to custom white balance your camera, if you want warm lighting, just put the top on and you're good to go! 

Here's a great example: With most digital cameras (Especially if you are a Canon or Nikon shooter), you'll notice that in open shade your images are way too cool. But put on this dome (technically it's known as a 1/4 C.T.O filter) and your images will look much more pleasing!   


As a professional photographer, I've always have been trying to make my "flash" equipment undetectable. Using the Lightsphere I've made on-camera flash look like a huge, soft lightsource similar to a studio softbox. But then the light was daylight balanced, so putting on the Amberdome warms the light up and helps it to blend!

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